03 Jul. 19

3 Surprising Reasons You Need to Fix Plumbing Problems FAST!

You never want to let a leak keep dripping, even if it’s a small one under your kitchen sink. Eventually, as the pipe continues to fail, it can become a stream of water that starts to pool around your cabinets. Or, it may result in a small wading area in your bathroom. Here are three surprising reasons you need to fix plumbing problems as quickly as possible.

Leaks Attract Pests

Some of the littlest animals in our environment crave water from a nearby source. Ants and other pests are drawn into homes in search of water. Therefore, you could see an increase of these multi-legged insects crawling across your floors if you have leaking pipes. To correct this, you don’t want to kill the ants. Instead, follow them to the source of the issue. This is where you’ll probably find the leak. Or, if the issue is outside, you’ll discover some sort of opening leading to the problem area. Once you’ve found the plumbing issue, contact a plumber for assistance.

Mold Can Kill You

Not repairing the smallest leak still leaves a surface constantly damp. If this occurs in an unventilated area, the result is mold. And, as this fungus grows, it can mutate into fatal versions, like the common alternaria or aspergillus. Developing these can lead to severe allergic reactions or lung inflammation. In addition to this, it can make a home uninhabitable if the mold spreads to the point that it gets behind walls. Since there’s no need to lose a loved one or gut your entire home, calling a plumber to fix the smallest of issues avoids many serious complications.

Leaks Cause Electrical Fires

Water and electricity do not mix. When they meet, there’s a risk of shorts or sparking. If they are powerful enough or reach a flammable surface, they may start to smolder and cause a fire that quickly spreads through your residence. In this situation, the plumber looks for the leak’s source. Furthermore, when the repair is completed, they will investigate nearby areas for potential issues that can be immediately rectified. Thus, the plumber reduces the risk of severe and irreparable damage. 

Plumbing problems are no joke and need to be taken care of quickly. Even the smallest leak must be addressed as soon as possible. Leaving it unattended not only causes damp spaces and stains, but it leads to severe consequences. It’s better to pay a few hundred dollars to fix your plumbing problems than tens of thousands to restore your home or purchase a new one.
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