19 Feb. 19

3 Things to Think About When Adding Plumbing to Your Outdoor Entertainment Area

A home’s backyard should be considered an extension of the family living space. That means that the home’s plumbing doesn’t have to stop at the kitchen sink. There are many options for backyard entertaining that can benefit from adding plumbing features. Most notable are putting in an outdoor kitchen or a hot tub. Both can provide many hours of fun and can increase the value of the property. Here are three things to think about when adding plumbing to your outdoor entertainment area.


When renovating your outdoor area, a design plan should be utilized. An outdoor project is no different than remodeling a kitchen or bathroom. You need to draw up a plan to clearly see where everything is going to be situated. Consideration has to be given to practical aspects of the location of a hot tub or outdoor kitchen. Determining how far structures will be from the existing plumbing lines will affect the cost and materials for the project. You also want to give sun and shade a consideration. For example, will the hot tub be under trees that will require extra cleaning? Will there be shade around the kitchen that makes it a better environment for entertaining?


Most homes have at least one outdoor faucet that is used for garden hoses. The plumbing for an outdoor kitchen or hot tub might be more extensive. You’ll probably want hot and cold water for the kitchen. If you are planning on getting a hot tub, decide how you want to fill it up and drain it out, so your plumbing can accommodate that. Perhaps you’ll also want to include a small outdoor shower to rinse off from the hot tub or swimming pool.


Safety is also a concern when adding plumbing to your outdoor patio. Will that plumbing need to be routed around existing tree roots or gas lines? If you’re planning on getting a hot tub and there are kids in the family, then you’ll want to find ways to cover up the hot tub and keep it secure. This process is not unlike establishing a safety perimeter around a building in swimming pool. You will also want to have easy access to any shut-off valves for your plumbing in case of an emergency.

Adding an outdoor kitchen or hot tub to your backyard will certainly elevate that space. It is the perfect project to get started soon so that your family can enjoy it throughout the warm season.

If you’re thinking of doing anything to your water system, then get in contact with professionals. It’s far too easy to accidentally cause permanent damage to your plumbing, and as such having someone who knows what they’re doing is essential.