31 Oct. 18

4 Common Causes of Lawn Sprinkler Problems & How to Solve Them

In addition to being an expensive problem, a broken sprinkler system can also waste an incredible amount of water. A slow leak could potentially waste hundreds of gallons of water per year and destroy nearby property. Here is a closer look at some of the most commonly encountered sprinkler problems and the steps that you should take to fix them.

Clogged Sprinkler Heads

Cleaning a clogged sprinkler head is almost always a quick and easy project that requires no special tools. Most sprinkler heads can easily be unclogged with a paperclip or small piece of wire. Clogs usual occur in the small hole just below the lip of the sleeve. If you can’t reach the hole with the paperclip, then you might need to remove the sleeve entirely. Before removing any parts from a sprinkler head, you must first turn off the irrigation water.

Broken Sprinkler Heads

A broken sprinkler head is likely to result in pooling water, and soggy soil can create the perfect breeding ground for undesirable pests like mosquitoes. Sprinkler heads generally break when they are run over by a lawnmower or accidentally kicked by someone playing in the yard. After turning off the irrigation water, you will need to scoop out the nearby dirt and cut the new riser to length. The final steps are to flush the line, install the head, and backfill the area.

Cracked Pipes

A cracked irrigation pipe can become an expensive issue if you don’t repair the damage immediately. Pipes usually crack when an individual digs too close to them or the water inside them freezes and thaws. Once you locate the damage, you will need to excavate the area and cut out a small section with a handsaw. You can then glue in a fresh section of pipe with two fittings and PVC cement.

Sprinkler Heads Spraying in the Wrong Direction

An efficient sprinkler system is professionally designed to water your whole lawn without wasting water, which is good for the environment as well as your wallet. Every few months, take a quick glance at your sprinklers while they are on to make sure that they are spraying in the correct zones. If they need to be altered, then you can twist the top of the heads with a slotted screwdriver. The sprinklers need to be on while you are adjusting them, and you should plan on having a towel nearby because you will get wet.

Taking care of your lawn isn’t just about responding to problems as they arise — it’s about being on the lookout for problems before they ever become problems. In addition to these few tips and tricks, you also need to make sure that your lawn is properly fertilized and pest-free at all times. At least three or four times a year, you should fertilize the entire lawn and spray the edges for pests. You can also invest in a weed killing spray that doesn’t harm grass.

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