31 Oct. 18

4 Surprising Effects Faulty Plumbing Can Have on Your Home

If you think that you can get away with having faulty plumbing for a while with no significant effects on your home, think again! Faulty plumbing can cause a lot of problems in your home that may not be noticeable at first until it becomes a big problem. Here are four surprisingly negative effects that can happen to your home from faulty plumbing.

Faulty Plumbing Can Cause Bad Odors

Faulty plumbing can cause bad odors in a number of different ways. First, if you have a garbage disposal, the plumbing is supposed to take away the garbage you drop down the drain and wash it out to your septic system. If there is a problem with the plumbing, food can get lodged in the pipes and begin to rot. Bad odors can even make you sick.

Standing Water Can Attract Pests

Standing water left behind from leaky pipes could attract pests, insects, rodents and cause additional problems. Bugs see standing water as a place to breed. Some bugs lay eggs in or near the water, and other insects simply need water to live. Either way, standing water from a leaky pipe, especially if the pipe is in a hidden spot, gives bugs an ideal environment to thrive in.

It Can Increase Utility Bills

Faulty plumbing, especially leaks, can cause your utility bills to increase. Leaking pipes are the most obvious when it comes to this–water flows even when your faucets are off. You may also have to use more water than you would if your plumbing was not leaking. Leaks can also cause your appliances to have to work harder to maintain water flow, which may possibly increase your electric bill.

Faulty Plumbing Can Make You Sick

This may be one of the most important considerations on the list. Faulty plumbing can introduce chemicals, bacteria, germs, and toxins into your water. Pipes may rust and/or corrode and release chemicals into the water supply. A broken underground pipe allows entrance of bugs, dirt, and germs into the water supply. If the faulty plumbing is near your sewage system, you run the risk of harmful bacteria getting into your water supply. All of these can make you or your family extremely ill.
Your plumbing system may be hidden away, but it is a delicate and intricate system that is the heart of your home. It delivers the water you need to survive and takes away the waste that you don’t want. In order to keep your home clean, safe, and comfortable you should take care of faulty plumbing as soon as possible.