28 Aug. 18

5 Ways to Save on Summer Utilities Costs

Soaring temperatures in summer can cost you in utility bills if you aren’t careful. Whether you’re running your air conditioning or turning on fans, all that energy usage will come back to haunt you when you receive your monthly utility bills. Why not conserve money with these five ways to save on summer utility costs?

Spend Time Recreating Outdoors

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Who says you have to spend hot summer days inside? The more you spend time recreating outdoors, the less you’ll need to run your air conditioning. Instead, find new ways to enjoy your backyard. Set up an outdoor dining area under the shade of a tree. Invest in a screened tent and create an outdoor living space that’s free from UV rays and annoying insects.

Unplug Electric Devices

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Electronics that are left plugged in when not in use continue to draw energy. Consider unplugging electric devices when not in use. Unplug your charger when your phone is fully charged. Unplug the toaster oven to conserve the energy it takes to display the time at night when your whole family is asleep. Even though it takes some effort to unplug everything, the savings in utility bills will be worth it.

Keep Interior Doors and Vents Closed

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If you have central air conditioning, you can save bundles on utility bills by keeping vents closed and then closing interior doors in rooms you aren’t using. Do you really need to air condition the guest bedroom when no one is staying over? Even bathrooms don’t necessarily need to be cooled, once everyone has had their shower for the day. When you cool only the rooms you need, you will easily save on summer utility costs. It will also help prevent wear and tear on your unit which could require some costly repairs, not saving you any money during the summer.

Insulate Pipes

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Your plumbing system will benefit from some attention in summer, too. Insulate both hot and cold pipes in your home. The extra insulation will help to ensure that your hot water and your cold water are at the correct temperature when they reach your taps. If you need assistance with insulating your pipes, contact your local professional plumber.

Dry Laundry Outside


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Household dryers use up an enormous amount of energy. You can save on energy bills by hanging laundry outside to dry instead of running a clothes dryer.

When you do things like spend more time outdoors and unplug devices, you’ll reap the benefits of lower monthly energy costs. For more tips on maximizing home efficiency, contact your local plumber today.

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