18 Jul. 18

How to Create an Outdoor Pool Area Worthy of Martha Stewart

Taking a little effort to create a beautiful outdoor pool area will give you months of pleasure this summer. The pool is not only a place to have fun, it is also a place to entertain. Family and friends will gravitate to your pool naturally with the summertime heat. You can be prepared for this  by taking steps to set up the space, to add decor, to ensure safety measures, and most importantly, to clean. Here are four things you can do to turn your pool area into something worthy of Martha Stewart.

Clean Clear Water

Dirty water is a huge no-no. A clean pool is a beautiful pool, and we all know that Martha Stewart is a stickler for cleanliness. Tools like debris nets, robotic pool cleaners, and a good pool cover can help you accomplish that. It might be a bit of a chore, but take the time and energy it needs to make sure your pool water is inviting. Your guests will appreciate the effort you put into it, otherwise they might not even go near it.

Bring in Nature

Gardens are always a welcome sight for your guests. Everyone loves flowers (well, mostly everyone), and they can add a welcoming vibe to the space. Add potted plants around your space to bring splashes of color, as the luxurious green of potted plants will always compliment the blue of your pool. You can use a shepherd’s staff to hang potted plants, or find some cool pots. This will bring height and dimension into the area.

Outdoor Furniture Upholstery

If you haven’t added any furniture outside, this might be the perfect time. Consider making the space you have outdoor as an extra room that you can do so much with – if you do it correctly. From couches to hammocks, the possibilities here are endless. Just be sure to protect some of your furniture if it’s going to be outside or cover them so chairs yourself that you don’t mind having out in the summer sun and night – such as old dining chairs. This will provide you with some extra space to seat guests at parties and create a summer party atmosphere almost effortlessly. Especially if you’ve got the grill going.

Add Music Speakers

For more ambiance, add music speakers. Selecting the best source of music is essential with any good pool party. Choose a safe set up without electrical cords near your pool. Being able to provide music safely while swimming will enhance the atmosphere and fun.


After completing these four steps, your pool space will be pretty inviting. The main cleaning and set up are completed. This space will only need regular maintenance to last through all the entertaining this summer. The only two ingredients missing are your guests and some good food. Make your pool area the hub of activity for your family and friends this summer with these tips.