Sump Pumps

13 May. 18

Test your Sump Pump Before Spring Does

Sump Pumps Control Ground Water

Prepare for heavy rains that bring a swell of ground water by ensuring your sump pump and battery back-up sump pump are functioning properly. Flooded basements happen most often when thunderstorms knock out power.

That’s when your battery back-up pump kicks on, or at least it’s supposed to. When was the last time you checked the battery?

A basement can flood very quickly if your ground water control system isn’t working properly.

Sump Pump Function Checklist

  • Sump Pump kicks on when water rises in the pit
  • Sump Pump switch is free and clear from any obstruction
  • Check Valve is working
  • Sump Pump can go through multiple cycles without airlocking
  • Discharge pipe outside of house is free of any obstructions and carries water away from foundation
  • Battery back-up kicks on when power is off
  • Battery back-up is fully charged
  • Sump Pumps are not at end of life
  • Sump Pumps are rated to handle the amount of ground water in your area

These key checks will keep your basement dry from rain water. We recommend an annual inspection of your ground water control system.