12 Jan. 18

What is Hydro-Jetting?

It’s one of the most thorough methods of cleaning a drain line or sewer main line. Jetters use high pressure water forced through a high tensile strength rigid hose to a nozzle that focuses water into a jet stream.

Hydro-Jetters are the choice tool for clearing soft blockages. Jetters are able to break up globs of congealed grease and debris stuck to the side walls of your pipe. Imagine what a clogged artery looks like, that is what happens to drains overtime.

What makes a Hydro-Jetting Superior over a cable Rodding for soft blockages?

When a cable rodder goes through a soft blockage, it can rarely clear it because as the cable goes back and forth, the soft blockage just collapses all around the cable. Soft blockages are need to be scrubbed from the side walls and forced down the drain with high pressure jetter.