13 Aug. 18

Why Plumbing Is The Most Important Consideration In A Bunker

With the wild nature of the world today, it seems like anything could happen. That is why so many people have taken to making their own bunkers in their homes. However, you need the right approach otherwise you could be unprepared when disaster strikes. One particular area to focus on is plumbing. Here is why it is so crucial and how to prep it correctly:


Quite simply, humans need water to survive. You might be thinking about canning food, stocking up on weapons, or even adding some form of entertainment in your bunker. While these might be the more ‘fun’ items to prepare, you need to focus on running water for your bunker first. Without fresh drinking water, nothing else will matter in your bunker.


Even if you’re telling yourself that you have plenty of bottled water to prepare yourself for staying in your bunker, you need to think about waste. It has nowhere to go if you don’t build a system to take care of it. It can produce toxic gasses if it stays in one place, especially the same air you breathe. Plumbing alleviates this for you.

Building a Safe System

Septic systems require specific care. If you are going to build some kind of plumbing into your bunker, you shouldn’t just jump right in. If you don’t build it right, it could have leaks, low pressure, smells, and other issues.

Make sure you seek out the right help and advice from someone who has experience building plumbing systems with the proper setup and materials. This will be a big help in preventing the issues mentioned above. Then, you can have peace of mind that your plumbing is doing its job.

Prepping in Advance

You would not have built a bunker if you didn’t plan on needing it someday. So don’t wait until the real deal to use it for the first time. Prepare regularly with drills, trial periods, and other ways to test the limits of your bunker so that you leave no stone unturned.

When it comes to building your own bunker, there are many factors to think about. It can seem like too much to handle at first, especially as you are considering how to fund something as big as this. But if you have the right guidance and techniques, and the will and determination then you can build the bunker of your dreams. In addition to this, there are tons of resources for people who are wondering where to start, some who are there to help with all the legal matters, others of them targeted toward the more financial aspect of it, and lastly many of them focus more on the logistics of starting and maintaining your dream bunker. Remember though as you’re starting, to put special focus on your plumbing and other basic necessities up front, so your bunker is safe, easy, and durable when you need it the most to protect your friends and family.



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